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Ephrata First Sunday 9/5/10

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This fall on Labor day weekend. I am planning on going since this is only the second one I will be bale to attend this year. Is anyone else planning on going. Anyone want to meet up there then go out for a ride after? Let plan something.
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I will probably putt on over. I usually try to park up near the top of the lot, in the middle. I wonder if Iron will show up?
Excellent - same place we all parked last year I assume?

Yep. I figure the twisted twins ought to be front and center:)
I should be there around 8 tomorrow...

I guess I better get some sleep If I am going to get there that early!
Thanks for posting those pics Will.

I split off from Len at the Northeast Extension while he proceeded east on the Turnpike. I am telling you, Len moves right along!. Now I am going to change the oil and filter, and tomorrow morning adjust the valves on my old Silverwing Interstate. I had forgotten the naked GL was called the Silverwing. Your CX is really looking good Will, good luck with fixing that oil leak and in getting your Turbo back on the road.

I really enjoyed looking at all the different bikes and talking to the other riders. I especially enjoyed being in the company of Will and Len. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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