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Ephrata First Sunday 9/5/10

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This fall on Labor day weekend. I am planning on going since this is only the second one I will be bale to attend this year. Is anyone else planning on going. Anyone want to meet up there then go out for a ride after? Let plan something.
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I haven't been to one yet this year - I'll seriously consider it and will check back in.
I'm still planning on coming, weather is supposed to be beautiful!
Excellent - same place we all parked last year I assume?
I probably won't stay super long (or be up for doing anything afterwards.) I plan on heading home to work on the reassembly of the turbo engine - pending the arrival of the rewound stator before then.
I should be there around 8 tomorrow...
I'm here parked directly on front of the hamburger/BBQ tent (up by the main building)
Never saw PonyboyAgain or his bike. Mr. Softie arrived shortly after I did, followed by LenInPA about 20 minutes later. We all walked around and checked out the hundreds of bikes that were present. We encountered the following GL500...

Upon returning to our bikes I discovered the following.

Upon closer examination and with the help of the flashlight, I'm convinced that it is the front cover gasket as the front camshaft seal seems ok when looking in there with the flashlight. Also when I wipe the oil up, it seems to be originating, accompanied by some tiny bubbling, from the area indicated by the arrow.

We left around noon and rode through Lancaster County to the Windmill Family Restaurant in Morgantown, PA where we ate lunch. After lunch, and after the photo shoot, LenInPA and Mr. Softie hopped on the turnpike and I continued along Rt. 23 East to my place in Chester County.

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1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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