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Ephrata First Sunday 9/5/10

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This fall on Labor day weekend. I am planning on going since this is only the second one I will be bale to attend this year. Is anyone else planning on going. Anyone want to meet up there then go out for a ride after? Let plan something.
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Thanx guys! Wow, I've ridden all my life, but never seen so many bikes in one place. Every kind of bike you can imagine. Will, I suppose that you have already checked that all the bolts are tight.

Mr Softie, thanx again for advice on my auto. Yes, when the traffic is really moving along, I usually just go right along with the flow. If I go slower, feel too vulnerable. You are good to ride with, as Will is. Next ride?

Hard to imagine a nicer day to ride, my favorite time of year.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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