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This is my first post to this forum, so i apologise in advance if i am asking an already answered question, i have tried to look to make sure im not repeating myself.

I currently have a few Eurosport Models, both 500 and 650 that are in various states of readiness. I also have a pile of engines that i plan to work through and recondition.

My first stripdown was the 650 lump, and unfortunately it had not only thrown both the big end bearings, but suffered some conrod damage. I have found a company in the UK that specialises in Crankshaft repair work, and is rebuilding the crank up to its correct sizes.

This all leads me to the well known issue of main and big end bearing journals basically not being available anywhere.

Firstly: Does anyone know of a way i could get a downloadable copy of the manuals that show tolerances and dimensions. I work abroad so im trying to order spares and measuring tools whilst I am away so i dont waste time once i am home. If anyone has a scanned manual or something i would of course be happy to re-emburse.

Secondly. I have read alot about supposed replacement shells from other vehicles that might or might not require tweaking. Does anyone have any info on what is usable for both the 500 and 650 in both the mains and big ends.

Sorry for casting such a big net on this, my plan ids to gather as much of this info together and publish it as a single source of info for all. - Any assistance will of course be acredited

Thank You

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Go to "todays active content". You will find the button to take you to this at the bottom of the home page just above "who's online". Go to the second post below this one,- "quick reference" and there is a manual there listed with "Drop IO" use the second DROP IO link as the first is dead, this should answer many of your questions.

Quick reference is a goldmine of info generally. Hope this is some help.

EDIT: Quick reference is the first post at the top of "General discussion"
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