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Engine swap ~~ I have a nice 82 GL500 but I would like to install an 83 GL650 complete engine package. Can someone tell me if it is swapable? Also if the 650 rear end gears are a different ratio than the 500? I am looking at a salvaged 650 bike with complete parts that I would like to use as a donor thus giving the 500 more power and possibly a better gear ratio for highway cruising.


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Words from David W.

All you need to do is use the 650 motor mounts and the air cleaner assembly from a GL650. There might be some minor wiring changes.

The frames are the same, the output shafts are the same and the motor mounts from the 650 should be used on the 650 engine.

The 500 driveshaft and rear end will handle the 650 output. There are problems if you used a CX650 motor with the output shaft.
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