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Engine Back in - Can't Shift out of Gear

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So I have the engine back in and everything major hooked up. I can't get the bike to shift out of whatever gear its in. The clutch lever works but even when pulled in the bike is not in neutral, that is, the rear tire won't move. When I turn the bike over by hand the wheel moves. The wheel still moves when the clutch lever is engaged. The shifter moves, springs back to place, but isn't changing gears at all.

How bad? Engine back out? I kinda want to ride one of these days.


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Why was the engine out and what did you do while it was out?
If you had the rear cover off, you have possibly misaligned the gear lever spindle and shifter teeth,

they both need to be together so it will allow the bike to shift gear properly.

If that is the case - you will need to remove the rear engine case again (drop motor- sorry) -take care not to break the rear gasket, and realign the two sets of teeth. then before you tighten everything up, check you can change gears and select all of them - BEFORE you put the motor back in

been there done that
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I thought that might be the pretty sure they were aligned Im not positive. Oh of these days I'll have it running again...
Odd that the clutch would not work,,,

May just need to be adjusted.

I do agree with the others though, the shifter linkage is probably out of place.
That's why they say always check that it shifts through all gears before installing. Check the lever. You might be able to go down and stuck in 1st but cant go up because it's slightly adjusted wrong.
Like blinkstitch said, if you have the shift lever installed wrong this could cause you to be stuck in a gear if its to many teeth off. Better check that now that realize this issue after you drop the engine again.
Thanks...i didn't even think about the shifting...was so concentrated on the gaskets and mech seal. I was worried about it leaking something...but shifting would be nice. Try and get it taken care of tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the advice,

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