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Electrical system issues

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I own an 82 cx 500 c. The headlight went out so I wen to replace the fuses. The fuse case plate was off and when I was checking all of the fuses to make sure all of the m were working the keys that were in the ignition slid down and the other keys on the chain came in contact with the bare fuse box. There was a spark and a tiny bit of smoke. Now even after replacing every fuse in the system the bike's lights won't work (any of them) and the bike won't start. Any ideas of what I need to do to get this fixed???
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I can't seem to find those flat metal only fuses at autozone. Any ideas on wha to do? I need to get this fixed soon.
Walmart has them, as well as any hardware store.
Just for anyone reading this. Neither home depot not lowes or ace hardeware have these fuses. I am talking about the fuse that is only metal. No glass around it. Or plastic. Only metal. I am most definately switching it out when I have some time.
I'm not familiar ?

My bike has standard glass fuses.
the fuses located by the bars,yes.but,the main fuse by the battery is not the same set-up
It is on mine. Both my good bike and my parts bike use the glass fuses at the battery. Do you think they were converted?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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