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Electrical system issues

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I own an 82 cx 500 c. The headlight went out so I wen to replace the fuses. The fuse case plate was off and when I was checking all of the fuses to make sure all of the m were working the keys that were in the ignition slid down and the other keys on the chain came in contact with the bare fuse box. There was a spark and a tiny bit of smoke. Now even after replacing every fuse in the system the bike's lights won't work (any of them) and the bike won't start. Any ideas of what I need to do to get this fixed???
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I cut out the original type and have been using common as muck

blade types for years.

You can keep a spare or spares in your pocket without it getting damaged.

No farting about with screwdrivers and such on a dark and stormy night for me

and you can buy them at just about every gas station too

Its an option

This type

See less See more

A 'quick fix' is to crimp on two female blade terminals to the leads

and fix these to a fuse.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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