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Don't think twice it's alright. Vancouver-Argentina on a CX500

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I've started this new thread since the other one was getting confused with tons of posts going on for ages before I left.

You can see that at Running Away

My dad called and told me not to ride at night to visit them. Spray paint can in hand, I was just about finished painting the racks, so I was really just about ready to go. Didn't want to hang around past the day I'd said I'd go yet again.

I rode out and was the only bike on the 9pm Ferry from Vancouver to the town I grew up in Victoria, BC. The ferry takes 90 minutes so I pulled in around 10:30 at night. After a series of mix ups and dead cell phones I sat at a gas station in Victoria with no friend's place to crash at. I decided to camp since I'll be doing that for months to come it should be good practice to start in a place I know.

As it turned out the place I thought I knew well had changed a fair bit, all the parks and beaches had new gates, and have signs advertising all the fines and penalties for daring to exist there between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

I tried several beaches, and two local hills, Mt Doug and Mt Tolmie. Victoria is a no fun place now, I remember driving around all of those places watching stars, now it's a fine for stopping there. I wonder what the high school kids will do now, sit and make out in cars at the walmart parking lot?

Finally risked sleeping up on Mt Doug, rode my capable offroad machine up the foot path and back onto the road past the gates, then rolled out a sleeping bag after a nice long ride up. beautiful but cold night so I wasn't sleeping much. I relocated to the lee of a nice warm stone wall to sleep, just as I drifted off, I heard a radio acknowledgment and somebody with a light having a good look around. High tailed it out of there, I didn't know I could pack so fast. By this point it was 3am, I was tired, frustrated and getting sloppy. I rode back out the Pat bay highway to try out a trick I read on ADVrider about sleeping up beside the exits/overpasses since that no one ever looks.

I took the first one that looked good, ignoring the foot high wet grass's effect on the traction of my old Spitfire street tires. Found a perfect bowl to sleep in, so I rode down into it, intending to park the bike on the far side and sleep there. For some reason I still can't figure out I stopped sideways on the slope and turned the bike off, dropping my damn keys in the process. Reaching around uphill for them, I started to slip, and leaned out to keep the bike upright, forgetting the downhill side wasn't going to have any footing. We fell over into the bush. No amount of cursing and heaving would convince Aurora to budge, I couldn't get traction for my feet on the wet grass, and the bush was preventing the bike from getting clear even if I could have lifted her more than a few inches. I realized later she'd dug in so well that the kick stand, mirror, and left cylinder were all pretty well stuck, and the tires were right up in the air.

After a few failed attempts to drag the back end around so I would at least be lifting from one side, rather than trying to lift uphill I was about ready to throw in the towel call my parents and get a car jack to push the bike up. I pulled off all the bags, unbolted the gas tank and seat, and just dug in and lifted, dropped her on the uphill side, bolted back on the gas tank, reattached all my bags and only dropped her once more getting out. Took about three hours, I was so tired I just parked on the top of the hill and went to sleep as the sun came up.

Lost almost all my gas before I took the tank off, and burned blue from all the oil in the cylinders later that morning.

looking down the hill, gas tank already off.

Finally over lying on the uphill side so I can clean off the dirt and load my bags again.

It was about a half an hour before I got Aurora to budge that I realized that this trip is where I belong. I wasn't miserable, I was frustrated with myself, but I found that same peace kneeling in the mud in that bush trying to move a bike that got me hooked in the first place while riding an out of oil GS400 with a slipping clutch from SK to BC. I would rather be here than living in quiet desperation in my comfortable suite at home.
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... just be careful, stay safe and have fun!

I could read this and look at the pictures for hours!!

WTG! Stay safe!!
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Even if it's Mexico i'm not going to be making out with a 12 year old.

With her family setting it up/ watching.... LMAO
It would have been nice for you, Jeremy, if that chapter ended with 'so I gently kissed the girl'.

I was looking for the "I just got a cavity from reading the above comment" face and couldn't find it.... so I started looking for the "I just threw up in my mouth a little" emoticon and I couldn't find that one, either....

I think it was just fine the way he ended it... LOL... Linny, you must have some romantic side to you!
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I've been called a lot of names in my life DMK. Never romantic. "threw up in my mouth a little" HILARIOUS!!

It is that this particular chapter was building us up for the climax but instead ended with little boys laughing with their heads out the window like happy dogs. Which is all good and fine. After all it certainly is Jeremy's story to share.

The armchair QB in me really really wanted to give him the old 'thatta boy, yeaaa'..


It's really OK- I promise not to tell anyone of your sweet, sensitive, fluffy, romantic side!

Most of us girls like a little romance anyway... LOL
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:pYou want romance? I'll be passing your way in July.


To try and let you down easy- I doubt you could measure up in comparison to what I currently have!
He and I have been like laxatives to each other once in a while through the years- but I've got a good guy who knows me pretty well

He knows my favorite flower, doesn't go overboard with them- when I got my pickup truck he got me the thick, heavy matching floormats etc to go with the truck instead of something like diamond earrings- I usually have to re-pierce the backs of my ears when I actually wear earrings.... and for my birthday last year he bought me my beautiful bike which has allowed me to meet all of you wonderful gents (and gals). -And what guy wouldn't score brownie points geting his girl the perfect puppy? We went to Wabash County Animal Shelter in Indiana to get Gunner. AND- before I was upset enough to cry he climbed the ladder last summer to rescue the squirrel baby while I went to the vet to get the milk/ bottle.

I have it pretty good- and while he doesn't overkill it, he can be a romancer when he wants to!

.... come to think of it, it's probably why he's spoiled too... LOL
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Dakota, I think you've been propositioned.


LOL... and I can't even be as much of a smart-alec because Phil hasn't really ever picked on me before! HaHa- Just have to politely decline and hope I haven't broken his heart

Ah well, maybe I'll give him a sharp tongued answer next time.

WAIT! Maybe he likes that......

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I find Australians really have inventive curses.

Yeah, their language can be an adventure by itself! I have a few Aussie friends on facebook and every now and then they give me lessons (it's few and far between so I forget a lot of it), and we have a blast! It's a lot of fun! .. Maybe something to undertake when you're done with this adventure!!

Glad to hear things are still going well overall and you're safe
And no need to feel self conscious about your riding if you set up the camera and ride past it- we're all salivating over the next postings so we won't laugh... much
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