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Does Ignitech bypass stator on a CDI bike?

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Greetings folks:

I am new to the group, although I have frequently visited as a guest to get tech info. I have read a lot about the Ignitech as a possible cure-all for CDI/Stator issues, but I don't fully understand how it works or where it fits into the overall electrical system once installed; i.e. does it transform the bike from a CDI to a TI ignition, and therefore by-pass the CDI or the stator?

Here is my problem: I have a 1981 CX500C that was running perfectly this past summer until it just died at a traffic light on my way home from work. It just flat cut-out and stopped running. The bike turns over but won't start. The carbs are fine beacuase I had them rebuilt when I bought the bike in order to get it running, and I put over a thousand miles on it before it quit running.

So far I have tried the following fixes: I bought an aftermarket CDI from and plugged it in - no change. I then bought a used CDI Pulser on-line, (not sure if the term is correct but it's the part that goes in the back engine cover) that supposedly came off a running bike, and I had a vintage bike mechanic install it - still no change. The mechanic thinks it is the main stator that is the problem since the bike isn't getting spark.

The person I bought the bike from had already cracked open the engine and replaced the stator just prior to my purchasing it, but I don't know if it was aftermarket, used, or re-wound. I am trying to avoid having to take the engine apart again to replace the stator if at all possible. That's why I'm asking if the Ignitech can fix the problem and avoid this.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Matt S. - Frederick Maryland.
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The ignitech replaces the cdi on a cx.

On your cx stator there are wound coils of wire that that produce electric current when the rotor is turning. The majority of these windings produce the current that is used to charge your battery. If one of these windings have a short to ground or some other problem then you will not benefit from an ignitech unit. There are also 2 separate windings on your stator that produce power that goes to the cdi to power the ignition of your bike, if these windings have a short or some other problem then an ignitech unit will fix the problem.

The ignetch replaces the CDI unit. The CDI gets it power from the 2 ignition windings(one high speed and one low speed)on the stator. The ignitech gets it power from the battery. A bike running a cdi will run with a dead battery if you push start it. If you install an ignitech then the bike will not run with a dead battery, even with a push start because it draws its power from the battery.

You need to determine what is wromg with your stator,, a quick test to find out if there is a short in the battery charging windings is to try starting the bike with the 3 yellow wire plug that plugs into the regulator(undr the seat) unplugged. If the bike starts and runs with this unplugged then the problem is in the charging windings and the ignitech would not help you. If unplugging the 3 yellow wires makes no difference and the bike still will not start, then the problem is probably in one of the 2 ignition windings and an ignitech would probably work.

There are more detailed tests that you can do, you will find more info on them on shep's website, look for posts by him in this forum and he has a link to his site at the bottom of the post.

You said you bought an after market CDI?? I did not know there was such a thing, would be interested in hearing more details on that.
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Shep, those are regulators, the unit he bought is a CDI,,see this link

I never knew there was one available,,it is expensive and with the ignitech available now

it may be not so viable an option but it is good to know that someone is making them. Thanks for the info scooby
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