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I have been wanting to change up my seat on my 79 Deluxe without having to modify the frame.
I also wanted to keep the rider seat for my girlfriend but still shape the seat to give it a slightly less aggressive look.

Decided to do the shaping and custom upholster the seat from home.

I went down to Joann's Fabric & Hobby Lobby and bought:

- 2 Yards Brown Marine Grade Vinyl (10$)
- Poly Foam + fabric for backing (13$)
- Upholstery Thread (2$)

I then went to town creating this.

Table Wood Rectangle Wood stain Furniture
Creating the Channels.

Furniture Wood Wood stain Plywood Hardwood
Channeled piece done. Next was cut to fit my template.

Furniture Chair Piano Fortepiano Technology
Cut and attached some side walls to the channel section.

Furniture Automotive design Automotive exterior Couch Bumper
Set on my shaved down seat.

Furniture Brown Leather Couch Automotive design
All stretched and buttoned up.

Not a perfect cover by any means, but turned out pretty awesome for the price...
and got to learn a new skill.

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The floral pattern would have been spiffy.:p Nice stitch work! Looks comfortable.:)
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