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With the thickness and lenth we are talking about, you wouldnt be able to see a difference if you used a $20,000 Lab ohm meter for measuring superconductors lol. Aluminum is a really good conductor (thats why they made house wiring out of it), but it is brittle when it comes to bending and oxidizes really nasty when it contact with dissimilar metals (why they want to rip it out of house wiring).

Since it isnt a matter of "resistance" of the material here, its best to pick one with the best corrosion resistant properties. Brass will hold up better than copper (even though its a copper/tin alloy) and way better than aluminum (unless every electrical conduction point it touches is ALSO aluminum .... thats why there is a special conductive paste for aluminum to coppr wire joins). Brass is also easier to work with and a lot cheaper that "better choices" (Like a far better resistant metal .. stainless steel).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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