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Well, I've only been riding two wheels for about three years (or has it been four now?) and I've had three "bikes" already, though I guess only two of them really count.

First, a brief history... I have always been more of a car and truck guy since I could remember (I still have my 600+ Hot Wheel and Matchbox cars from when I was a whippersnapper), but I have always been amazed and wanted a motorcycle, and anything else with a gas engine. Yes, even my lawnmower and weedwacker are run off of gasoline. Anyhow, it wasn't until 3 or 4 years ago when I decided to finally bite the bullet and lean how to ride one of these things...

So, since I didn't have a motorcycle license yet, I decided to go the scooter route when I saw that scooters can actually look kind of cool. I always had the Honda Spree or Vespa image in my head when I thought of scooters, but then at a local Pep Boys, I saw the Baja Motorsports scooters, and at first I thought it was a crotch rocket since I only saw it from the front and then saw that it was a scooter. The only one they had in stock (not the floor model since they weren't selling it yet) had some parts broken, so they knocked off $400 and sold it to me. Anyhow, $40 worth of parts later, and I was riding. Anyhow, here's my first "bike," a 2007 Baja Motorsports SC150. This isn't my exact scooter since I can't find a picture of it on my PC, but they haven't changed in 5 years. Mine had a matching trunk though.

Well, last year in April, I went to s tool shop/used motorcycle shop and my eyes were immediately fixed on a 1982 Honda GL50o Interstate, and amongst all the motorcycles that they had there, this one kept catching my eye. I didn't buy it just yet as I was taking a vacation in Iowa, but I wanted it, and I was just hoping the bike would still be there when I came back. To prepare for it, I decided to put an ad on CraigsList to sell my scooter.

Upon my return, I sold the scooter (for what I paid for it) and took a trip to buy that motorcycle. Since I was getting a nice bonus from work, I gave them my credit card and told them where to deliver it (remember, I don't have my M endorsement at that time).

This is what I had the night it was delivered:

Well, as much as I liked the bike, and as much as I thought I wanted a touring machine, I quickly realized that I wanted a cruiser more. So, since I couldn't afford a "new" bike, I put up ads on this (the old one) site and my parts search began. After coming up dry many times, and getting parts that were junk off of eBay, I put an ad out for a direct swap of naked parts for my Interstate parts. A member on this site from Wheaton, IL saw my ad, and he came over to help me convert my bike to a naked GL, and in return, he got ALL of my Interstate parts. I still wanted a grab handle and rear seat cowl since I didn't care too much for the naked GL trunk (though it does come in handy on occation, so I'm not selling it) so a parts lot on eBay for $35 got them for me. Here's the bike as she is today:

On another story (have I said enough yet?), when I took my motorcycle safety course last year, I trained on a Yamaha TW200 for two out of the four days. That bike left a lasting impression on me, for some weird reason. Well, I already had a bike, so I forgot about it. Well, in a weird kind of way, when Charles posted that his TW200 was stolen, my interest was sparked again, but I couldn't forget about it this time. So, about two or so months ago, I looked into it, and a Yamaha shop just a couple of miles from my house was selling 2009s about $1000 cheaper than the 2010's, and with my credit, I was able to get extremely low financing, so I came home with my 2009 Yamaha TW200:

Anyhow, that bike is why I am a little broke these days. The payments are only like $67 a month, but I was already broke before then. My car is going to be paid off in March, so it'll get better.

Well, thanks for letting me be long winded here. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has/had.

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