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Damn it! I did it again!

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I have a talent for turning 45 minute's worth of work into a two week project. Also for turning a sweet running machine into something that has to be parked for a while.

I'd bought Trackside heated grips a couple of years ago. I had a tough time getting the throttle side to stay in place and so I ended up stuffing the inside of the grip with a little light sand paper and ultimately some glue also. They came loose on my one time last year and so I did the same thing again. Apparently too well.

Today I tackled removing the Trackside heated grips so that I could mount the more effective Oxfords. The left one came off easily but the right was just stuck on there. I tried applying pressure in all sorts of ways but finally managed to crack the kill switch housing so that it easily rotates around the handlebar. Damn it to hell!

Further inspection reveals a hairline crack on that housing that is significant. So now I'm pretty much screwed for the short term. The throttle tube, although scarred a little, appears to be OK. The bike still starts so the guts of the switch aren't whacked.

Just the same, I assume I will need to replace the entire switch assembly, part # 35130-MA1-670, assuming I can even find one. I'll start looking for one in a few minutes. But I'm really steamed right now.

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As long as it works keep using it. It the crack on the top or bottom?

There is a way to take apart the switch to replace either side and it should be easier to find just the needed pieces instead of a working unit.
The crack is on the back and extends up one side. I'm not opposed to continuing to use it but how do I secure it so it doesn't spin around? Crazy glue?

Well if I remember right there is a peg on the bottom piece that holds into a hole in the handlebars. You might have to open it up and see if that broke off. If so you might want to find a screw that can be screwed into the handlebars then drill a hole where the peg broke off. Put it back together and put the screw through the hole you drilled into the hole into the handlebars.

Maybe that will work.

The cx's have metal housings so it's harder to break them.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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