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CX650T fork connecting plate on a CX500TC

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Hi All,

I believe the CX650T comes with a small plate that connects the front forks to one another.

Do you guys know if that same plate can fit the CX500TC forks?


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Do you mean a bridge that fits just above the mudguard?
The bridge is above the front fender.
Going over the parts catalog, I now see that it won't fit. The 650 forks have additional "ear" on which the bridge connects to. The 500tc do not. Is that correct?
See below pics of the 650T forks vs the 500TC forks:

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You are correct- the 500 has no such attachments. Most 500 users that want a fork brace resort to aftermarket like the one in this pic.
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The fork bridge (or brace) on the 650 models requires the special fork lowers (legs) which have the fixing points for the brace. You have 3 options:
1. Easiest option is to fit an aftermarket brace to your existing forks as shown in elrodicator’s picture above.
2. Get some 650 forks with the brace and use them
3. Similar to 2 but all you actually need from the 650 is the fork lowers + brace, the rest of the fork components are, I think, interchangeable.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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