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You are only coming up against what many of us have which is the neglect of servicing these bikes have had being unused for many years.Once all these jobs are done these bikes can become boringly reliable.This was the case with me and why I built my 2nd one out of the original donor bike I had.

Twas a sunny day and I was tootling along my beloved English Country roads on my Main Ride CX(Pinky as she was known then) and my mind decided to rebel."Do you know?I've not done anything much to my bike for 3 years apart from routine maintenance" it said.It then planted the nagging thought that I should reclaim the other one,so I did

My main ride is now in the garage due to lack of money and getting a slow clean up and service and the old,"Lazarus" reclaimed is my main ride as per Avatar.

If you make the bikes a hobby then small faults and repairs mean nothing IMHO


Still way cheaper than trying to keep a new motorcycle shop serviced to the Maker's book for warranty
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