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About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to buy my first CX and fell in love with the unique design and development of the bike. With the engine being V-twin, water cooled, 4 valves per cylinder, etc I really enjoyed digging into these platforms. With my racing background I always wanted to take this platform just a bit further. As I started doing more research then I discovered the CX Factory Turbo bikes. As many know these bikes were the first Turbo charged production motorcycles on the market with a whole lot of goodies that were cutting edge for their time. I could never afford a Factory turbo bike at the time so I opted to building one from a standard bike and that’s what started my turbo builds back in 2015-2016. Now I have had the chance to finally purchase a factory turbo that has started all of this. This 1982 Cx500tc is a one owner 20k mile motorcycle that has had every maintenance action document from the start. Unfortunately the original owner had passed and the bike sat for many years. I purchased the bike through their family and now it’s time to get this bike back on the road.
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1982 cx500tc turbo
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That looks like a big resto job
start looking for parts and by the looks of things electrical wiring harnesses
there is some NOS parts still available so start looking
David silver spares has some NOS and from Holland has some parts

Did you have the bike running before you started to tear it apart
if not I would highly recommend you get it started
clean out the fuel system before you try to start it. Flush the fuel pump and fuel rail where the injectors are connected
there is a port for testing fuel pressure that can be removed to flush the fuel system

keep us posted with updates and pictures

Best of luck (y)(y)

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