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CX500T 7 Volt Regulator for Temp & Fuel gauge

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I've been a member for quite a few years but never posted (lot of great stuff to read here).

This past summer while out on the road I noticed both my fuel gauge and temperature fail at the same time (both needles went left to the off position). After some investigative reading and searching I was made aware that it just may be the 7V reg that is the issue and not the gauges. So yesterday I finally pulled the 7V reg out (not as easy as I thought), tested it, and yup that's the issue. According to the manual I should get 7V out when applying 12V in. I only get about 1.6V.

Looked all over the web to try and find a 7V regulator with 3 wires (like the OEM one). Finally came across one at Murray's Carbs web site, ordered one, and can't wait to put it in to see if I get my fuel and temp readings back. I'll update when installed.

I've added a photo of the original OEM regulator and a photo of the regulator that I will be replacing it with from Murray's Carbs.



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Murray's stuff rocks.
I’ve got his 7 volt regulator installed on my bike. Don’t even know it’s there, the way it should be!
It's not uncommon and I'm sure your gauges will function again once replaced.
There's a thread somewhere on how to rebuild your original regulator for about $1 in parts. I rebuilt mine at least 10 years ago. If you're into that kind of thing it's a fun simple project; otherwise, you're better off just popping in a new one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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