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CX500 Turbo Valve covers

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I already posted in the turbo forum yesterday (CLICK HERE) but I figured it should be moved here it's customization. But anyway are the shape and depth of the valve covers on a turbo 500 engine and a regular engine the same? I know the surface ridges and hills and valleys are a different shape. The Question is do they take different gaskets and/or have a large height difference, so that they will not interchange. Thanks for any input !

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Ok I'm not seeing it.

When dealing with valve covers it's not usually a shape problem but a height problem. Obviously the cx/gl500 valve covers are the shallowest. When people but gl/cx650 valve covers on their 500's it's only a matter of having the right valve cover bolt. So if you use 650 valve cover bolts to hold a 650 valve cover on it will work.

The turbo cover is probably the same.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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