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Hi to all CX owners
to began with, my first bike was Honda GL500 which I got in 2014 for a reasonable money in a very good condition and with minor mods was quite good looking image.jpg
later by the end of the season I decided that I need something more nimble and reliable for the next season, so I bought Honda Hornet PC41 2007 (nice bike, good suspension, very powerful, even more then I needed) in 2015 and sold GL for the same price as bought in 2014.
Here in Kiev the old CX500 models are not popular and people usually buy something less old, so it took me to sell it quite long but after selling it I realized that it was a wrong decision and that my passion about CX is more then just a first bike impression nostalgia,
so I asked my friend about his CX stored in the garage for few years, half working, without battery and with huge list of lost parts, if he could sell his CX to me... so my project started back in 2016.

I was inspired by Moto-Mucci blog and his approach to the low budget custom version of CX500, and I really loved the classy look of Dave's CX with the normal bars
(I don't like clubman bars, don't ask me why, just don't, clipons are ok and depend on the bike style, but classic bars with right hight are the best option for me).
So I decided to go via the same steps and finally got which has nothing in common except classic bars :) not only of course.

there were a lot of things done about the engine at Honda official service = a lot of complains on their work (story for another thread), but a lot of good tech advises on the project too.

Nevertheless after almost 1.5 year of some preparations my engine was rebuilt, running with Ignitech unit (original cdi ignition was spoiled by service guys) and carbs were rebuilt too,
so improvements had to be done to the the front suspension (33mm fork was working very bad, even with 15w oil) and to the rear awkward frame/tail.

I bought an almost complete fork(without the wheel and rotors) from Honda Hornet 2002, wanted the classic look fork for my project (+have some fork boots stored for a next season maybe),
I didn't shoot the process of the fork swap but I can say that it was a bit problematic and I didn't expect that at the beginning cx 500 conversion.jpg
since according to my calculations there were no need to cut the axle at the beginning (I was wrong and that took me 2 weeks to solve since one of the threads on the axle is rare and I had to find the way to extend it correctly, so I began to look for an appropriate thread cutter and finally got one cheap).
so to short the story:
-seals were Ok, so I changed the oil and found some mods inside (spacers)
-added all balls bearings (3weeks of waiting from the US),
-5 spacers machined on lathe,
-original CX wheel axle
-and one specially fabricated nut.
so all the stuff allowed a hornet fork fit a stock cx wheel with original speedo.
wheel and brake mods:
Rotors are 320mm Kawasaki ZX with spacers to offset them 16mm, brake supports with brake line are stock hornet (or cbf 600 not sure) + machined spacers to offset supports onto 320mm rotors.

after the front was on the bike new headlight has been installed not that much bright but I like that small size, brackets were chip variant but when I cut them a bit they became to look much better.
the impression of the front after the swap WHAT A COMFORT))), and the brakes were superb now (I had 1 caliper and 1 rotor before).
mudguard is stock and fitted to the new fork
some pics are below
and new mufflers are nice looking for good price (custom made by someone from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine)
spacer for brake support
mudguard cut lines
mud guard11.JPG
mud guard12.JPG

I can try to make some measurements if someone will ask for a detailed explanation of the spacers etc.
(but please consider that I'm not an engineer, and when I needed something done on the lathe I went to our local turner guy and draw him some simple drawings with a lot of explanations about what I need and how it should work after).

tomorrow will follow some pics about the rear/frame mods and new seat pan fabrication from aluminum sheet with storage space and stock helmet lock.
If someone will read this of course.
Have a nice evening.

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thanks OCR and SchyffS!

today seat strap has been added to finalize the planned look
the concept was like below
View attachment 176655
and this is the final look of the seat
View attachment 176657
whole bike
View attachment 176659

foot pegs modification and radiator custom slim guard is planned in the nearest future, then speedo and tach mods, maybe later in winter.

so as I wrote yesterday if someone will read the topic some more descriptions follow:

there is not to much to say about the exhaust, but it took some time to do it and the mods were simple:
-H-box sandblasted and painter with satin black high temp paint, there were huge outer pipe mods made by previous owner, so
-H-Box outer pipes shortened a bit to fit new mufflers
-pipes from heads were polished a bit since the bike had accident before and both pipes were scratched and rusty, some sand paper manual work to get a smooth base for 2 layers of the paint, so there is high temp paint under the wrap
-wrapped with "black" as it is, nothing special, someone will tell that it's the first attribute of a bad custom,
but I'd say that tastes differs and since my project was a low budget one so to cover scratched pipes the wrap was the solution, always loved the look of the wrapped pipes:)

Before I started to cut the frame I was searching a lot for seat views modifications without cutting "the hump",
and decided to try to avoid welding on the the bike since I have no welding machine in my garage.

I thought that the rear end of the frame is the heaviest part to work with but it was the easiest in the end.
I kept the hump and the internal mudguard but both were modified as given below:
View attachment 176661
View attachment 176663

the internal mudguard became an "external"))) and holds turns and stop signals, fitted perfectly without huge mods, I cut off a lot of plastic to get the wished shape, the result you may find on other pics too.

Holes in frame after notching the ugly rear "ears" were covered with plastic hole covers from our local hardware superstore.

so the rear end was done, except the seat, and seat design was the lost puzzle from the whole picture, the scatch on my wife's Ipad Pro helped me to find out what I wish to do,
Ipad pro is a good thing to work with, after 2 hours and 7 variants my eyes were tired but the picture was finished

then there were a lot of work with carton, aluminum sheet, cuts, wholes, rivets, bolts, glue, foam, shape...
carton templates
Secondary-foamed polyurethane
first layer
first layer.jpg
first layer1.jpg

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2nd layer
2nd layer.jpg
before shape.jpg

shaped before upholstery
after shape.jpg .

the result is at the beginning of the post.

still have a lot of things to do, but the look is finished, paint works are planned but not sure when.

Will update the thread if any update to the project is done.

thanks for watching and reading.

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Wow. Very nice.

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I like it!
Modded but still very practical riding machine

You might need a heat sink on the regulator though as when the engine warms up the
resistance on the sender drops very low and the extra current will heat up the 78s75.

The IC has inbuilt temp protection and will shut itself down if it gets too hot.
If the gauge shuts down and then works again after the bike's been switched off and cooled
down, this will indicate a heat sink is needed.

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Hi All,
Didn't post much lately ;)
This winter was actively involved into cad modelling for the appropriate clean look of the bike.
decided to go Motogadget Mini + Koso Coin temp indicator since it was the smallest solution with all the functions I wanted,
had to do some kind of dashboard, and the only place for it was the handlebars clamp (Love Cognito Moto triple clamp with all in, but cheaper was to do all in the clamp and by myself, didn't want to spent much since I'm overbudget since first year of my custom bike build)))), the ideal place if talking of aesthetics but maybe not the best technically.
+ made some custom cnc switches with momentary buttons (turn signals, starter, horn, etc)+ rocker switches.
+ headlight brackets
everything is cut from aluminum and waiting for anodizing, then installation at the electric shop here in Kiev, since I'm not about the electrics...
Due to that I have the Ignitech ignition I had to buy an additionally Motogadget CDI Pick-up Unit, to avoid troubles with installation.
Maybe someone knows about alternatives to the Motogadget CDI Pick-up Unit?
some middle process pics
IMG_4465.jpg IMG_4489.JPG IMG_4485.JPG IMG_4487.JPG

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You might consider adding Suzuki-style gear indicator lights in each of the 5 little holes in the middle. Figuring out how to get them to actually be functional on a CX500 should keep you busy, lol!

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You have done some very fine work. I am impressed with your skills.

I just go an old DNEPR MT11 running. It is now a first kick bike. It still needs a lot, but it is on the road.

Keep up the great work and have fun.
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