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These are now ready to roll. Have had a lot of people ask for sets for rear disc bikes over the years, finally got a bit of time, and an open machine to get them done.

Comes with everything for the shift side to lace up, shift gears. Will require a master cylinder, and a brake line of your choosing. The master cylinder I chose for fitment, is from a 2011-2019 GSX-R600-750-1000. Plentiful, both new and used. Brake light switch, I would recommend using a banjo bolt with the built in pressure switch to activate the brake light.

Can also adapt the master mount to my GL500 rear sets as well.

Price is $400+ shipping. Ship worldwide.
They will be built on order. Depending on how busy I am, can take up to 14 business days from order to shipment, but it's generally 7-10 days.

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