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CX500 Main bearings where to get

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Where can one get a set of main bearings for the CX or is there an alternative part one can use?


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You will have to try Honda dealers.

Why do you need them?Are you talking about,"Main" bearings or Big-end bearings/shells?

Also update you profile with the year and model of your bike and your location as it will affect the answers.
If the white linings of the Main bearing shells are good I wouldn't bother changing them.They rarely go and don't receive the hammering that Big-end shells get.If you think about it crank just sits balanced in them and rotates and never gets the ignition impact that big-end shells get.

I only know of UK/Euro sources like possibly John Oldfield,

and possibly David Silvers

Both would require contacting as they don't always show everything they have).

Also CMS,

You would also need the correct information to get the correct colour coded shells.

Note:both my CX500 engines have been reclaimed from high mileage engines using 2nd hand professionally checked(Yellow pages engine specialists) and machine polished cranks/Rods with new big-end shells but re-using the original Main bearing shells.

Knowing these engines as I do I am 99% certain the Main bearing shells will outlast the cranks most likely 4 fold which could be as much as 600,000 miles as some examples of well maintained CX/GL500s have easily done 150,000 miles on the original cranks and some even over 200,000 miles and still going.

Also I run my engines with a Moly based engine additive to help prevent wear,

NO clutch slip!
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John Oldfield has to charge a little more as he's only a small family concern but he does keep some really obscure parts and if ever you can talk to him it's worth the money just to chat with him.His knowledge of Classic Hondas/Bikes is remarkable and he's an absolute gent

Remember also for International calls there are some cheap ways of doing it.

Also if you have some decent car motor factors you could always pick their brains and see if there are some car shells for the job.Shells are shells and many are stock items.It just takes time and research to find them and they may have to be slightly adapted.
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Ye I took my bearing in and Honda said it's shot, they know it well, took one look and said CX500...Black colour now the hunt is on all over the world...

These say they have one so may be able to get two,
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