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CX500 Main bearings where to get

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Where can one get a set of main bearings for the CX or is there an alternative part one can use?


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Western Hills them.

i like others are mean big end bearings[or shells]
Nope, the 2 main crank bearings, I have the conrod bearing shells, that was easy enough to get.

I'm replacing everything as the engine is completely in pieces so every seal and bearing is being replaced, from the engine to the frame. Bike is 30 years old now, 78 000km and the stator and CDI are shot so, have replaced with the GL stator and Ignitech ECU. Bike should be good for another 30 years.

Just trying to see if there is an off the shelf car part I can use, and old mechanic said there are guys who machine out the casing and replace with roller bearings but I want to avoid that, want to keep the bike stock standard with all original parts from the OEM.
trev,if you do as shep asked....update your signiture and profile.include your bikes details and where you live.someone might be able to then point you in the right direction,local to where you live
and these are highly recomended trev

just in case its password protected
Thanks for all the help, these are last two parts I need before I can put the motor back together,been a year in the making but sure it will be worth it the day I take the CX for a ride again.
good luck with your quest
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1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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