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CX500 Main bearings where to get

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Where can one get a set of main bearings for the CX or is there an alternative part one can use?


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Would this be a bad time to say that I'm looking for a set of main bearings, black or blue, also in RSA? :(
Ye I reckon you guys are spot on.

I have bought the one I 'found' in the UK and will wait for it to arrive, then take it to the engineers and see if there is something that can be matched up to it!
Why not to produce (bronce) main bearings like these ( ? )
View attachment 6682

These are used for BSA 650 etc.
Produced with an undersize, so you can grind the crank and have to customize the bushes/bearings for the correct size.
The bushes must be installed into the crank house to get the right/correct angle for the crank and rods.
Yup, if I don't come right, it looks like this will be my only option..

I am really not wanting to spend MORE money on custom engine bits (I've already spent more on engineering than what I paid for the bike originally) but it may be my only option.
Thanks Murray, I ordered the 2 brown ones and a black - they are on their way down to A-A-Africa.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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