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I feel quite inspired by all the other buildposts I have seen so far, so I have decided to start my own :) I have started my "build" one or two months ago and eventhough progres is slow because of work I am still moving forward. The plan is to end up with a tracker/scrambler-ish look.

I have zero experience with working on bikes so I am heavily dependent on this forum and youtube videoes, so any advice is greatly appreciated. :D

I have posted som pics of my progres so far below.

Starting point:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

Made a workbench:
Machine Tire Auto part Vehicle Toolroom

At some point the PO have exchanged the motors (my frame is registered as CX500)

I had a pair of leaky forks so first thing I did was to rebuild those. From my haynes manual I figured they were GL500 forks

Painted the fork legs while I was at it and mounted a pair of gators
Personal protective equipment Armour Fictional character Metal

Next up: Cleaned the (very dirty) brakes and changed seals
Auto part Automotive engine part Engine

I then removed my airbox and started to clean my carbs (using Larry's excellent book) with a ultrasonic cleaner, which is where I am currently.
Auto part Automotive tire Vehicle Tire Engine
Auto part Automotive engine part Engine Automotive piston Carburetor
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