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Hi All-

I have an 80 CX Deluxe that has been sitting in my garage for about 4 years, and was sitting in several other garages before that. Trying to revive it where others have given up.

Turn the key on and the headlamp comes on briefly, then shuts off (without pressing the start button). The idiot lights stay on, sometimes intermittently. Press the start button and no turning over and no noise from relay.

Bike is in neutral.
New charged battery, clean tight terminals and ground.
Fuses by idiot lights and fuse beside relay are good
Diode by headlamp fuse continuity in only one direction, so good
Jumped across the solenoid terminals and it spins over freely (whew)
Checked relay and there is continuity between terminals and it clicks when power applied to the y/r and g/r wires, so good
NSS checked and no continuity from terminal to body, but continuity between terminal and plunger tip, so good
Starter button removed and cleaned - no change (put a screw driver across contact area with no result as well) - so no power there.

This one has a harness hanging loosely with the CDI, Relay, Regulator hanging, everything that has a connector with a colour coded mate has been plugged in. Missing mainly just signals it seems. A few green (ground wires) clipped but all terminal blocks have their wires, and a black and a black/yellow wire not connected to anything.

Any ideas what else to check? Just want to get the starter motor circuit working for now. I will address spark after.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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