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CX/GL 650 Radiator Switch

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Bob, on the old forum you started a thread about a 650 fan switch replacement, the Kemparts RF3. Have you been satisfied with its performance? Does it still appear to be an exact replacement?

RockAuto is now selling the RF3 as a wholesaler closeout for US $13.
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DaveF and Pappy,

Murray had suggested using a relay in the other thread. I clicked on the link for the relay, but the part was not found.

What relay did you use (if any)? On which wire does the relay get installed?

Thank you.
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FWIW I just finished installing a Borg Warner version of this switch (ordered at Advance) into the CX650 and during testing the temp rose to just over half, fan kicked on and dropped temp to first "leg" on guage and cycled off.


I'm trying to make sense of this thread and decide if I want to change my switch. I don't want to be the guy that fixes something until it is broken. That being said, if I can help my bike by managing the temp so that it runs at optimal temperature more of the time then I want to make this change.

Would you mind clearing these things up for me about your post?

1) Can the the Borg Warner be installed without any modifications? Same connectors, same size, etc? Does it come with a proper O-ring?

2) You posted that the fan kicked on about half way up the entire gauge. I want to make sure that you didn't mean that it kicked on about half way up the thick white bar on the right side of the gauge. That would be about the same as the stock switch. Were you saying that it was half of the total needle range?

3) You also wrote that the fan kicked off "to first "leg" on guage and cycled off". Do you mean it was just inside the thick bar when it turned off, or was it down in the thin white bar?

My concern is that the fan will not kick off on my bike on the way down, or be fighting the normal optimal heat range (to Bob's point) because both of my GL's (500 and currently my 650) would run just inside the thick bar when they are warmed up and cruising down the road with ambient temps between approx. 50 - 85 degrees. This seems like where the bike is supposed to run.

My bike is working with a new stock switch that was installed this past season. I don't want to fix something that isn't broken, and to Bob's point I want to make sure the bike runs hot enough for optimal combustion without running so hot that it will fry other things.

Maybe I shouldn't be arguing with Mother Honda.... since my bike is working as designed. It just seems like that gauge gets so high before the fan kicks on the way Honda designed it. Maybe I should just chill and accept it.....

Dave Fuglestad
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