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CX/GL 650 Radiator Switch

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Bob, on the old forum you started a thread about a 650 fan switch replacement, the Kemparts RF3. Have you been satisfied with its performance? Does it still appear to be an exact replacement?

RockAuto is now selling the RF3 as a wholesaler closeout for US $13.
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FWIW I just finished installing a Borg Warner version of this switch (ordered at Advance) into the CX650 and during testing the temp rose to just over half, fan kicked on and dropped temp to first "leg" on guage and cycled off. This was a great post and saved me money and time, thanks for bringing it back up.
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Dave, switch from Advance was 19.99 + tax. I went with Borg because of my personal past use of their products, Echlin has always been good as well. I did have to order it in as the one they usually sell did not look exactly like the one I was replacing, looked like a cheaper China version.
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