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cx 650c project

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1983 honda cx 650c bobber project 99 percent done, can I post pics from my phone?
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That is a work of art! I love it!
Dude that thing is nasty. I love it. Great job. I'm doing a similar project to an 80 cx500c. Kinda at a standstill with a bad stator and attempting to go ahead and do the ignitech CDI upgrade.
Hear it is

Very cool! Love to see more pics!
like it!
thanks guys,it only took me a couple weeks and around 400 bucks,, not bad for a rat/bob project,, the prob im having now is with electrical, i ditched the turn sigs / horn / tach/ ,,, took it for a 5 mile ride, and then i noticed some melted wires, anyone know of a good way to rewire the bike cheap and easy? just headlight, tailight?????
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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