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Hi There

Newbie here. Just picked up a 1982 CX 500 T. Its in a bad way, 90,000 miles, part dismantled and left out side, frame rusted through around the swingarm boss (both sides) and rear most part of the frame rusted away.

On the good side iv a complete low milage engine (spare), a couple of ECU`s, a heep of brake calipers and new pads, an immaculate seat and a factory manual.

First i need to weld up the frame (i can weld, electric and gas) has any one done this???

What parts are interchangeable between the std CX 500 and the CX 500 T

Thats it for now but i can see im going to be asking lost of questions !!!!



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I would advise before you start to make a complete list of parts you are missing.

From this link download the parts catalog from the CX500TC: drop io CX500.

Although it may seam you have a lot of parts, everybody is searching for that one part which wears out fast, which breaks easily, parts that are unique for the Turbo ( aaaaaaaaa lot !!!! ) etc etc

Then start looking on Ebay how much those parts will set you back.

Don't be suprised to find out that it's better to buy a complete Bike then to try to restore one from a basket case

To give you an idea of the value of a basket case, one of our members gave one away for free not to long ago

Please understand that I don't want be pessimistic but more realistic

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