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Custom tank

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Just finished stretching my cx500 custom tank. First thought was to weld an extra bit on, but finished up building the extension with good old fibre glass. I've mounted a single seat a bit further back which has made the riding position so much better, especially as my shins used to rub on the engine guards.I've lowered the rear suspension by installing 11" shocks. Will post some pics shortly.
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2nd try at posting the pics


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and another sorry I cant resize the pics
Well if this doesn't work I'll give up...Sorry
Sorry folks I really tried but can't bring the photo size down. If anyone is really interested email me and I'll mail em to you (Maybe you can sort it)

Hi the tank is about 7" longer. I built it by welding bits of plastic to form the shape I welded it to the standard custom tank using a hot glue gun. I then covered it with fibre glass matting and then built up the layers. I removed the plastic former and back built up any cavaties. it is still open underneath which will take a bike alarm. After cutting a slot at the rear tank fastening it slides into the original position. I shaped the tank using fibreglass filler then apoxy filler, sanding back untill I got the shape I wanted. Its is so strong there is no way it will come a part. There is no problem with spilt fuel as they do make tanks out of fibre glass. The tank still holds the same amount of fuel as the extention is false.
ook i thought that you were making it longer that way it could hold more fuel

No main reasons was A, make it more comfortable and B, Look

Thanks for uploading my pics, I'm not used to the software on this pc.

I have kept the original tank etc, which are being repainted and decalled so effectively I have two bikes in one
Cool deal, I like the headlight array too. Now some pullback bars.

Cheers, 50gary
Ok what size bars, I was thinking of 10" rise with decent pull back and a good width
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