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Hi All,
I almost finished my project. I cut, welded, cleaned, painted, fixed and replaced some parts.

electornics: munit, raySan inignition, 12Vcoils.
Exhaust is in line to make it right.

I have some problems with run right cylinder. Ingnition timing and spark is ok, spark plugs ok, comperesion ok, carbs cleaned and replace all what was needed.
Please see a move what’s happening, also when I run faster there right cylinder seems to work.

Only what I think that maybe something is wrong with carbs because from the left one after bike is off the gas is leaking - always from drain pipe. The screw is no issue here. The same situation is when I have filter on.

Problem 2: the original radiator started leaking. Can’t find new one. Somebody can recommend good replacement?

thanks in advance.



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OK, that rules out a low speed pickup.

The fuel leak is likely crap caught in the float needle. Shut down the petcock and drain the carb to get the needle to drop from the seat. Open and close the petcock a few times and see if that will flush it out.

The other possibility is an incorrect float level.

Carbwise about the only thing that will prevent running at low speed is a blocked idle circuit and low jet. Try removing the balance port screw from the intake runner and squirting in a little fuel to see if the cylinder comes to life.
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