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cross overs

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is the oem choke cable for a cx500 the same as the gl500? the part numbers on the fiche are different and motion pro sells one for the "cx500" i don't want to go thru the troubles i've been having with my local parts department to get the honda one but i don't want to blow 20 bucks on the motion pro if there is a difference.
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thats what she said... damnit. ok thanks.
any idea what the legnth of the cable for the gl is?
when i first got the bike i bought a universal choke cable but it was like 9'. plus i couldnt get it threaded to the lever. i'll get one from napa this weekend and put it on. i ended up taking the speedometer cable that i wasn't going to use anymore and piping it to it. so far it actually works but i have to hold it in place til it warms up.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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