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One of the biggest things that I found, is that it is best not to plan to travel the same distance in a single day while riding a motorcycle as you would in a car.

For may years my favorite way to spend vacations or long wknds was to do a road trip with some friends, 500 miles in a day was pretty common. When I planned my first bike trip it comprised of 10 days with an average of 450 miles per day. Definitely to much to be enjoyable as the winding roads we were riding took much longer than the same amount of miles on freeway.

Riding in the dark really is no fun, leave yourself a few "spare" days encase of weather or mechanical trouble. That way, if all is well, you can relax and have a spare day to take in some local event that happens to coincide with your passing through. (Some of the greatest of memories are not planned but rather just happen)

Also avoid the chain restaurants and hotels, take the time to talk to the locals, I have encountered many great roads and meals because I took the time to chat with a local at the gas pumps.

Take lots of pictures and always take the road less traveled.
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