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OK, tried searching this and could not find a definitive answer so hoping someone in the know can shed some light here.
Here is the scenario:
With the bike up on the center stand, idling at 1200-1250 RPM, bike at full operating temperature, when I unscrewed the oil filler cap
there was a good deal of air coming out of that hole. Not so much that it was blowing OIL out of it, but a definite blast of air
was coming out. Is this normal?
Also (off topic ) I found out the front of my block has a hairline crack in it at the 2 o'clock position just up above the transmission cover!
The bike has for sure been put down once due to the right engine guard is scratched up. But should this have caused a block to crack on the
opposite side??? I sanded it down and JB Weld over the crack and all seems well & good after 100 miels.
But still...............things like that just bug me.
Just KNOWING it is there. Even if it does not seem to hurt the running and ride ability of the bike. I just hate knowing it is there.
Should it be bothering me, or should I just not worry about it? I really have been dollar'd to death on this bike, and have $1800 invested
in a otherwise $1000ish bike. Tired of pouring very hard earned cash into this bike. :-/ Runs / rides good as it is. Very SMOOOOOOTH riding bike.

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1) Perfectly normal, if the engine is running. There is a good amount of crankcase pressure created during operation.
2) If the crack is fairly small (a picture might help here) the JB Weld should be just fine, if the crack is above the front case mating point. If it extends into the mating area for the front case, you might have to be a bit more careful.
As a side note, that 2 o'clock (as if you were sitting on bike) is a common area for front case gasket leaks.
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