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Cool upgrade to reduce vibration

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Hey guys,

Thought I would post about this cool thing I bought and tried to help reduce the buzzin in my handle bars on the highway. Even though my carbs are balanced (Checked with the Carbtune - they are witin half a mm of each other) once I get above about 65 MPH the handle bars start to buzz. So I hapened to pick up an issue of Cycle World (I sometimes like to try new magazines to see if they are interesting - I'd never read it before) and in the letter to the editor section some guy mentions this product called a "vibranator" In essence the principle behind it is it is a tuned harmonic dampener, similar to what you would find on a helicopter.

Apparently there is some scientific basis to vibration causing muscle pain, and this product aims to help eliminate the vibrations and reduce the strain.

So, I was intrigued, they had a 30 day money back guarantee, so I ordered a set.

I put them in last night - they seem to actually do what they claim to do. The vibration up to about 60 MPH is almost eliminated, and past that much reduced. Above 70 the buzzing starts to creep back in - so it solves part of my problem, but not all, but, I am going to keep them or sure since all the vibrations up to that point are basically removed.

Just thought I would throw this out there, seems to work, its actually made in the USA (Shocking). Its a small place, and when I ordered they were inundated with orders, so it was a little slow to go out, but I did call them up and they sent it out the next day.

I don't have any pics b/c i forgot to take them, but the install basically involved ripping out my old weights and installed these, fairly straightforward.

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Balanced carbs are a must.If even slightly out they will cause vibrations.Although a bit costly at the time I'm glad I bought a Carbtune 2 years a go.It's of such high quality and ease-of-use I would never be without it but with it's build quality and the fact it is even serviceable I doubt I will need another in my lifetime.I went for the 4 carb one as it's not much more than the two carb one and had helped other biker M8s I have.

Remember when balancing carbs the trick is to set them slightly out so when you tighten the lock nut they come into perfect balance.

I have my carbs balanced to within a half bar of each other, and the bike runs really smooth, up until the band that I mentioned. However, that is also where the spark advance opens up on the ignitech.

Some people have mentioned balancing their carbs at a higher RPM, and then others say not to - I didn't, as I am not sure it is an accurate way of doing things.

I have been looking for larger grips - thanks for the link Shep, I might have to try those out, since they are pretty cheap.

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