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I can't find wheel weights for the CXTs wheels but have had success modifying regular Comstar wheel weights by nipping off some lead and bending out the metal tabs to a 90 degree angle. I'm talking about these puppies:

What are you using as wheel weights? I don't really need as much as 20g or 30g as the wheels are pretty close to being balanced, but I nip off as much lead as I need to make it just right.

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Lets see

Turbo rear wheel 17 inch

Aprox rim radius = 215 mm

Aprox rim thickness = 5 mm

Stick on rim weights effectieve radius = 210mm

Centre clamp weighs aprox = 210mm - 15 mm = 195 mm ( measured from an internet picture )

Centrifugal force F = ( Mass x speed )^2 / Radius

Speed is lineair to the radius where the weight is placed --> (210mm / 195mm )^2 = 1.16

This means you need a 16% heavier weight when you use a clamp version.

Looks a lot but ...........

Total aprox. weight of a wheel = 12 kg = 12000 gram

Now we stick on a 30 gram weight or clamp on a 35 gram weight.

Get the picture ? 12030 gram verse 12035 gram

Next the dynamic balancing.

Placing balance weight in the middle plane of the wheel doesn't affect the dynamic balance. Sticking weights outside does !

So if you are going to stick your weights divide it in 2 weights on both sides of the middle plane

Next : because on a normal motercycle rim the diameter is so much more then its width dynamic balancing is not needed. ( in my humble opinion )


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I just like the clamps because I feel that sticky tape lead squares are, well, tacky. I pre-balance the rim (with remounted disk(s), valve stem, and cap), mark the true heavy part, and mount the light (donut marked) side of the tire to that mark. The weight then necessary to balance, if any, is slight.
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