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I have a couple comstars I don't need, they do have some minor damage, see the pictures.

Front is a single-rotor style hub.

I don't think the damage affects drivability, but you will want to look close and determine that for yourself. The rear wheel has the portion that seals against the drum partially broken off, only a small bit of weight so I don't think the balance is off by much. I would be more concerned the drum components won't be as well sealed from water. The front has minor damage on the rim edge. Both have a tiny amount of rust on the steel parts, but nothing structural. I brushed them off, what you see in the pictures on the spokes is rust. The rivets all look good and the bolts are all pinned so I doubt these have been apart.

I would definitely trade for turbo wheels or some exhaust pipes but hit me up with whatever.

I have no idea what these are worth, I think I paid around $100 for the pair so lets call it that plus shipping if you're not local.

Thanks for looking,
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