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Colors for GL 650

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I tried searching and know it must be up here.

What are Duplicolor # for Engine, Frame, and the bike color for 1983 silver/ gray SilverWing Standered.

Thank You,

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I don't know because Duplicolor's little color finder application doesn't go back that far. But here's a suggestion: if you're painting the entire bike then you shouldn't really care if the match is *exact*. Look at 2010 colors and find something similar so you'll be happy. Then you should be able to get an exact match to your new paint job for many years to come.

Just a thought...

My feelings exactly Jay.

I see so many people trying to match or keep the bike in absolute original, like they are entering it in a

Concours bike show for winning a trophy.

Love the quote in motorcycle ads for "Original tires and paint".

Holy crap its a 30 year old bike and still has the original tires?

Not a selling feature for me.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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