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I know ColoRite sells the base and Altair Pearl in an aerosol (you must use both). Have any of you recently bought these two and used it as touch-up on a tank or side cover? I know surface preparation is the key. Most automotive paint applications can be "spot blended" within a panel, if it is prepped properly (IE: de-waxed & de-greased, feathered back, and masked off). I have a small split in the pearl coat on my 650's tank near the filler cap. I have feathered it to keep it from spreading, and have applied a very small area of white primer, which seems like a good repair. I am now ready for about a 2 square inch section of the pearl paint, and was wondering if this sounds feasible with the ColoRite in this small area. I was going to have a local body shop painter attempt a match for me, however, if ColoRite aerosol works fairly well, I'll go that route.........Thanks...........

Here is ColoRite's link:
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