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Hello all!

Been reading here for some time along with the old site.

I have a 82 500 gl silverwing with all so familiar problem

of cut out at 5k or about 55 mph.

Put in new stator and cleaned carbs, then heated carbs in vinegar

then ultrasonic cleaned. got all the jets and internals out to clean


I tested coils and i think they have gone high res.

I got a couple from bone yard ,but not any better.

I ordered a couple of universal coils from dennis kirk but they

only have one connector for the small wires that come out of the

original coils.The originals have the two small wires and of course the ht wire.

Does anyone have any luck with coils from somewhere else that have connections for the two

small wires?

All suggestions welcome.

I'm on a 84 v45 junker to get me around right now but would like not

to junk my wing!!!!!! I want to give her one more chance!

Thanks Mark In Minnesota usa.

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When you took the carbs apart did you put them back together right. If the higher number jet isn't in the brass emulsion tube it will only be able to go 55mph and then it won't go any farther.

Was the problem there before the carbs were apart?
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