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clutch spring

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Hi All,

You know the seal in the front of the bike in the clutch cover that always leaks? It's the tiny seal on the shaft with the clutch lever in the front of the motor. Well, the other day I was replacing that seal and in the process I destroyed the spring on that shaft. I now have the new spring, the seal is fixed and I am ready to put it back together but I need to know the trick in setting the shaft in the right position with the propler tension on the spring. How is this done?

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Dave and Bandit!

You guys rock! The pictures you posted helped immensely. When I originally took the clutch cover off (the small cover held on with 5 bolts), I had trouble getting the thing loose so when I whacked it with a rubber hammer, it popped off as if it were under pressure. The clutch lifter (part number 10 in the exploded veiw you gave me link to) fell out. I basically put it in backwards: I put the shaft of the lifter in thru the bearing in the center of the clutch thing that was still on the bike. It fit perfectly and I thought I did it right. After I saw your images, I realized what I did wrong and fixed it.

Here is the funny part, I thought the slot on the shaft that receives the clutch lifter was an oil passage or something. Duh!

Thanks for the help.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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