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clutch recommendation

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My clutch is slipping a bit, not sure of actual miles, but adjustments do not seem to be helping. It's fine taking off but while engaged, it slips if I roll-on quickly. I plan to adjust once again, but if no luck, a replacement. Any recomendations of brand or place of purchase, shall I swap clutch springs too? thx
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What oil are you using?
…excellent question, however I forget. It may be 20/50 VTwin oil, or 10/40 Auto oil. Big difference, I know. Thanks for reminding me, I guess I should start there!
EBC, both discs and springs. I usually compare Amazon and eBay.
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As far as oil goes that is a factor for sure. Using incorrect oil with friction modifiers could cause the clutch to slip. It has to be compatible with wet MC clutch. SC Bob may chime in about the types of oil you do and don't want.

@Randall-in-Mpls, I was going to suggest EBC also but didn't know if that was the CX/GL clutch of choice or not. (y)
If you buy from EBC make sure they are correct right away. I bought a set of plates for my GL1000 from their eBay store and they were the wrong size (diameter). They refused to admit that they could have made a mistake and I had to get eBay to mediate.

We used to commonly use automotive oils in bikes with no problems but some time in the early part of the century they started adding "friction modifiers" to automotive oils to help cars meet new environmental regulations and those friction modifiers can cause wet clutches to slip. The best advice since then is to make sure the oil you use is marked JASO-MA (Japan Automotive Standards Organization, Motorcycle, A = wet clutch).
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Ebc springs, and Barnett clutch plates work good together as well. Plates are carbon fibre ,so more often oil changes are required. Also make sure the hubs lugs dont have wear holes from the plates.
I finally drained the oil last night, much darker than expected for only 300 miles. There was sludge (clutch material?) on the magnetic drain plug too. I honestly don't know what oil I had in the bike as I keep stock various kinds for my 10 vehicles (amazing wife!), but my guess is 10/40 automotive. This would account for the slipping clutch, and sludge. I'll correct this with proper oil.
As for the dark color, my guess is the complete engine rebuild had some break-in during the 300 miles.
I've seen oil turn dark after a few Km of use sometimes and stay light after a lot of use so that might not be much of an indication.

It could be that whatever oil you used had a bit more detergent and flushed out the sludge that was sitting in the sump.

BTW, the first time I heard of car oil making a wet clutch slip the guy had to change the oil 3 or 4 times with a bit of aggressive riding between before the clutch stopped slipping altogether.
If this is only 300 miles after overhaul I doubt the sludge is from detergent oil breaking it free. If the sludge is clutch material I would be worried about the same material plugging your oil pick up screen. With the money you have wrapped up in this motor I would play it safe and remove the front cover to clean and inspect.
I thought the clutch issues started since this year's oil change.
I'm not too concerned, I'll put some JASO 10/40 in it this weekend, and see what the clutch feels like. If it still slips, clutches are cheap and easy.
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