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Brandon, the answer is you can use most of a CX650 clutch.

As there are 2 extra plates used in a 650, you can use these & still have some spares! Luck you.

The genuine 650 friction plates are superior to those used on most 500s.

If it still slips, don't trust the old springs, get a set of new HD ones.

Wemoto sell in packs of 6, no I don't know why.

Forget trying to use the 650 'basket', it is not a viable DIY proposition IMO.

Keep the 'spider' as these suffer from misuse & age embrittlement.

You will be lucky to get any CX parts from a Honda dealer, you probably won't even find anyone who rmembers them!

The only new thing is that this is official Honda policy.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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