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Clueless seller

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No interest on my part, but if you're looking for one, you won't find this one by doing a search.

FleaBay Ad "CBX Turbo"

Check out the description, Honda is so safety conscious it makes me feel all fuzzy.
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F*** no, I'm not Turbo Tim.

That man has fucked up as many 650 turbos as he has saved.

I admire his skill, but I detest what he represents.

He grenaded a 650T engine for this stupid nitrous drag bike project of his.


Intentionally killing an engine for a bike that is this rare (by sheer stupidity of will), is inexcusable.

Has he made it out of the 11s yet? I've always wondered why he runs damn near stock times with all those mods.
That's an unsupported guestimate. Your saying that there are over 850 CX650 T's remaining. I'm not sure how to substantiate that. When they tend to pop up in auctions, we all tend to notice them. But how many times do they pop up in auctions? Perhaps 10/yr?

A friend of mine has a '81/2 (I think) Virago 920 "E" version. It had a flatter seat; flat handlebars and a touring or european style. The production numbers were rediculously low. Somewhere around 500 or so if I recall correclty. It is so 'rare' that it was the only bike not represented by Yamaha at a recent parade of bikes for a Yamaha anniversary (or something like that)They could not find one. He (the virago club) has knowledge of less than 10 and estimates are that there may be as many as 50 or far less around.

He had advirtized it on the one forum without knowing it's rarity and had about 10 bites the first day. Then he realized that they weren't a dime a dozen and was offered twice his asking price.

I'd guess that there may be less than 500 650T's remaining intact and perhaps far fewer. And if someone grenades an engine; It might be possible to find another block; but then again it might not. And the possibilty of finding another complete engine to restore it back to street rideable condition would be unlikely.

Still plenty of them left to put in museums and showrooms; and some to ride out in the streets now and then; and as mentioned; to each his/her own. And also as mentioned; those who say that they are looking for one had a great chance with this auction.

I dont' expect their value to 'skyrocket' but they will likely keep their value with the pristine showroom bikes excalating for collectors.

There may not have been 850 "real" 650Ts to begin with. How many of the 1777 were donated as school bikes? I've heard 1200 mentioned in the past.

I've also noticed that many CXTs (including the 500) make multiple rounds on ebay as they bounce from one owner to the next.
I don't know of any rev limiter on these bikes. You can go well past redline without even realizing it. If you want to hit 12K+ rpm then you may have problems with the high speed fuel map handling that. Good luck dumping the eproms and reverse engineering the code.

You mentioned hitting that at the end of a quarter mile run or on a soft salt bed? If you're talking about top speed on asphalt that's not impressive considering a stock 500T can near 130 with gearing being its only limitation. A 650T has much taller gearing and a stock bike would have something seriously wrong with it if it couldn't hit 135 mph in a very short span of time.
If low production numbers in the US equals "rare" and worth $$$ then the Eurosports should be worth their weight in gold.

An RG500 has a niche market, same as the CBX which can demand prices topping $20,000. Both were produced for multiple years and are dime-a-dozen compared to a one year only 650T. I also see the last RG500 that sold on ebay went for $8800 which isn't exactly a lot of money...and we've seen more than one 650T top $10,000.
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