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Clueless seller

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No interest on my part, but if you're looking for one, you won't find this one by doing a search.

FleaBay Ad "CBX Turbo"

Check out the description, Honda is so safety conscious it makes me feel all fuzzy.
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"Honda made these for about a year and a half and then recalled the remaining dealer stock because they were dangerous. This bike makes 18 psi of boost and when the turbo starts whistling all you can do is hang on. " Not quite true. You can hang on, and at the same time have a maniacal grin on your face.

"Took this to a local shop where things went awry." The reason you bring it to the shop in the first place is because something is awry.

It looks like a nice candidate for a fix-up and then daily driver fun, with many smiles per gallon- a great opportunity to pick up a 650TD at a nice price.
It sold for exactly $1,000. A bargain, I'd say, considering he had all the parts save for the key (easy to make, just look for the key number on the ignition switch or the helmet lock). Too bad it was outside with no seat or fairing on it for so long.
Cool! are you planning on bringing it back to stock fighting trim, or are you planning some modification?
1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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