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Clueless seller

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No interest on my part, but if you're looking for one, you won't find this one by doing a search.

FleaBay Ad "CBX Turbo"

Check out the description, Honda is so safety conscious it makes me feel all fuzzy.
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I'm interested in what mods to the valves, guides, springs, rods and rockers can be done to keep them together when breathed on. Are you going to try and grind a cam fot this thing. I've been researching home brew EFI and seems it would be do-able.

Are the turbos in stock trim as much of an aero dynamic pig as a naked CX? I feel like I'm pushing an open cardboard box into a headwind sometimes

I'd be trying to figure out how to get a taller final gear for bonneville... At least the tallest profile rear tire I could find

I'm envious, it's a long time dream of mine to go there with an attempt. Good Luck! and please keep us updated on your effort.


Edit: I looked at Turbo Tims pictures... He's got an areo rig for sure
I don't know why he has not wrapped the thing all the way to the ground
I don't think that would qualify for a stock exterior

Every little areo thing helps at terminal velocity, narrow tire, narrow fork tubes, short pegs,,, anything to make it smoother or smaller from the winds perspective.

If that's Timothy D... as Turbo Tim. I'm impressed fo sure.
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