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Clueless seller

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No interest on my part, but if you're looking for one, you won't find this one by doing a search.

FleaBay Ad "CBX Turbo"

Check out the description, Honda is so safety conscious it makes me feel all fuzzy.
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There are Four reasonable performance mods that you can do to these bikes.

Mill the heads (a little).

Smooth the the Exhaust ports.

Run a Boost valve.

Run a Blow Off Valve.

If you want to make a drag bike, you could run Nitrous, but you will fuck up your engine.

Anything else you try will be a futile attempt, a very expensive attempt, and the only thing you will accomplish in the end is to fuck up a perfectly good bike.
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If that's Timothy D... as Turbo Tim. I'm impressed fo sure.

F*** no, I'm not Turbo Tim.

That man has fucked up as many 650 turbos as he has saved.

I admire his skill, but I detest what he represents.

He grenaded a 650T engine for this stupid nitrous drag bike project of his.


Intentionally killing an engine for a bike that is this rare (by sheer stupidity of will), is inexcusable.
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Has he made it out of the 11s yet? I've always wondered why he runs damn near stock times with all those mods.

Are you kidding? On his old machine (before he added the bubble fairing) one of his runs was actually over 13 seconds.

That's right, kids; he added nitrous and still ran 1/4 mile times slower than a bone stock 650T.
If your work is going to result in the creation of replacement CP pistons and main bearings, go for it.

I'll support you 100%.

I do wonder, however, where you are going to get rings?

I have heard of an Audi oil ring being used to replace a bad oil ring, but no replacements for the main rings.
If low production numbers in the US equals "rare" and worth $$$ then the Eurosports should be worth their weight in gold.


But it doesn't for some reason.

I saw one mediocre looking CX500E go for $4500.00 in the U.S. a couple of years ago, but Dan's perfect CX650E didn't sell for anywhere near that.

This always confused me about the E model. I paid $2500 for Cliff diver, and she needed a LOT of work. $1k purchase + $1k shipping for the one I'm still building for my wife, and it needs a LOT of work too.
I think the 500E is even more rare than the 650E. Would like to see pics of the one you got for your wife. It still puzzles me that she is faster on the E than on the gixxer.

Not much to explain, the 650E handles better than her '93 Gixxer.

I took the 650E out on the first half of our wedding/track day, and was smoking a lot of superior bikes.

(old age, experience, and treachery will overcome youth and skill)
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