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Clueless seller

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No interest on my part, but if you're looking for one, you won't find this one by doing a search.

FleaBay Ad "CBX Turbo"

Check out the description, Honda is so safety conscious it makes me feel all fuzzy.
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(by sheer stupidity of will)
Are you calling me stupid? just kidding....
edit - double post
Understand I am not trying to offend the purists here.... I want to honor these bikes and show how this "failed" design can still be a winner, nearly three decades later.

Hi Ed, in what respect(s) do you consider the CXT's a "failed" design?
It might be possible to find another block; but then again it might not. And the possibilty of finding another complete engine to restore it back to street rideable condition would be unlikely.

Edh - Did you see this engine on craigslist? Engine is serial number RC16E-2001347. Possibly not far from you in the I'm not sure where in Arkansas you are located. Price seems like it is a little high considering what it is missing and also that its true status is unknown. Its been for sale for a while though, so maybe you could check it out in person and then negotiate. Anywho, just though I'd pass along...
I heard about it from another forum member before it was for sale publicly. I communicated with the seller a 2-3 months ago but decided against purchasing the engine as I was not able to check it out in person, in addition to the fact that the costs involved to get it to me in Pennsylvania would be significant. Stumbled upon the craigslist ad last week, forget what I was searching when it came up. His title (with all the spaces) isn't very conducive to it showing up in searches. To answer your question, I primarily use google though for searches.

I have the following info from my communications with Fred (the seller):

"The salvager had written "runs good" on the clutch cover .. Ha. So I guess this was a note to himself because other motors would have similar notes like "no stator" or needs carbs etc. This yard had been out of business 10 years and most likely the turbo was sold quickly back then and since this was a rare one year bike so the rest just sat for years. Air box intach and turn down pipe open but dry indoor storage. (see dust in photos). Spark plugs were in. Air blasted around plugs and removed. Two squirts of penetrating oil In the holes. Front access cover removed and was able to turn over motor freely. Looks good."
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