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clear coat remover

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Outside of a lot of elbow grease, is there a solvent that will easily take off the clear finish that is on the polished parts?
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Get a spray can of Aircraft Paint Remover from your auto parts store and follow directions on the can. It contains methyl chloride which is what you need to cut thru the clear coat. Be careful with this stuff, it is known to cause warts on rocks.

Been there and you gave me a good laugh because I've been there many times over the years due to being a die hard.

Point is it's an excellent stripper (sorry California, you can't buy it) but the others will work given more time and usually repeated applications. In any case it's wise to wear nitrile gloves, good ventilation and be very careful. If I buy it in can get a PAPER cup to pour a bit into then use a cheap chip brush to apply it with. We've got a ton of threads on this and a search thingy at the upper right will find them.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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